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The purpose of this project is to create and maintain a PowerShell Snap-In that allows consumers of the GoGrid service to manage their computing resources via PowerShell.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to view this screencast. If you are new to PowerShell then the first thing that you need to know is that just about everything you do is PowerShell is encapsulated in a thing called a Cmdlet. A Cmdlet is a little bit of code that someone else has developed that you re-use. As a system administrator you use combinations of these Cmdlets along with some special PowerShell syntax to do stuff.

This project contains a number of Cmdlets that are specific to GoGrid. GoGrid is an online service where you pay by the "server RAM hour" for computing resources. Basically you can provision Windows or Linux boxes and pay about USD$0.19 per hour for each GB of RAM you server has.

To create a GoGrid server running a basic installation of Windows 2008 (32-bit) you would issue the following command at the PowerShell command-prompt:

Add-GoGridServer -Credential $credential -Name DemoServer -Image w2k8_32_base -Memory 1GB -IPAddress

The following sections provide pointers to references for each of the Cmdlets that are currently included in the snap-in, along with other relevant documentation.


The Windows PowerShell Snap-In for GoGrid provides a range of Cmdlets that are mapped to the underlying GoGrid API. Whilst not every REST method has been mapped you should be able to perform most API tasks using these Cmdlets, if not please contact me and I'll look at adding the necessary code to the snap-in.

Server Cmdlets

Server Cmdlets are used to enumerate existing servers in your grid, add new servers, delete servers and control the power of those servers.

Load Balancer Cmdlets

Load Balancer Cmdlets are used to enumerate existing load balancers in your grid, add new load balancers, and delete those load balancers.

Image Cmdlets

The following Cmdlet is used to enumerate the list of available images for creating servers.

IP Address Cmdlets

The following Cmdlet is used to enumerate the list of API addresses associated with your grid.

Common Cmdlets

The following Cmdlet is used to enumerate reference data used by GoGrid. This can be helpful in understanding the correct arguments to parameters.

Support Cmdlets

The following Cmdlet returns a list of passwords associated with servers to support logging in remotely.

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